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My Concept

“The eye does not see things but figures of things that mean other things [...] The gaze travels the streets like written pages: the city says everything you have to think about, it makes you repeat its speech [.. .] how it really is under this thick envelope of signs, what it contains or hides, man leaves the city without knowing it. Outside, the empty land extends to the horizon, the sky opens up where the clouds run. In the form that chance and wind give to the clouds, man is already intent on recognizing figures: a sailing ship, a hand, an elephant ". 
Italo Calvino, Le città invisibili, Einaudi, 1972

The images presented want to create a dialogue between architecture and free impressions, with hidden and unseen meanings, expressed by the architectures themselves. Through an unconventional point of view, unexpressed emotional aspects of architecture are told, manifesting a thought through imagination and sensations.

We want to go beyond that thick envelope of signs, dreaming of totally decontextualized situations, which offer unexpected considerations. Known and lesser known buildings, from different historical periods, become the protagonists of a story that goes beyond reality, entering a dream dimension that tries to communicate moods, trends and design "fashions", simple formal analogies or ironic interpretations of what a man can see in the city.

Starting from real elements, decontextualizing them, scenes belonging more to the surreal sphere are composed. Everything originates from a sensation, an emotion or a thought that affects both the eye and the mind and triggers the creative process that leads to the final scene.