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Nice to meet you!

Hi, I am Stefano!

Architect by day night too! It is my passion and my profession. For years I have been carrying out my personal research on digital drawing linked to the most hidden aspects of architecture.

2021 - Solo Exhibition - CITTA' (IN)VISIBILI

First Solo exhibition at Civico3 gallery, Varese.


Published on STUDIO HERETIC magazine.


Collaboration with LONDONART Wallpaper design, where L'Evoluzione della Civiltà Italiana and Siza have been selected to become part of their EXCLUSIVE wallpaper collection.

2021 - GAP CASA

Published on June issue of GAP CASA magazine.

2021 - Marie Claire Maison

Some of my works are published in the February issue of Marie Claire Maison.

2020 - "Viral Art" exhibition

Exhibition at the Cael gallery in Milan during the "Viral Art" exhibition.

2018 - Exhibition "99FILES: Skopje Brutalism"

Exhibition at the MoCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) in Skopje during the exhibition "99FILES: Skopje Brutalism".

2018 - Arch + Art Exhibition

Exhibition at the headquarters of the Order of Architects of Varese.

2016 - Grafriend project by Edison Energia

The "Grafriend" project is selected by Edison Energia to become a short film directed by Gabriele Mainetti and Andrea Segre within the "Edison for Nature" project.

2016 - 30under30 competition

"The leaning skyscraper of Pisa" is among the 30 finalists of the 30under30 competition. It is exhibited during the Fuori Salone in Milan in the Tulpenmanie gallery.