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Castel del Kahnte

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- Limited Edition of 200.
- Print sizes 50x50 cm
- Giclée print.
- Certificate of authenticity.
- Ready to frame.
- Delivery within 7 days.

What do you think about revisiting Castel del Monte, in the Puglia region of southern Italy, by mixing it with the Assembly Building of Bangladesh? ⁠
The National Assembly building, completed in 1982, stands as one of Kahn’s most prominent works, but also as a symbolic monument to the government of Bangladesh.⁠
The building is unique in the sense that it is modernist in principle, but it is a project deeply rooted in its context, the citizens, and Bangali vernacular. The National Assembly Building sits as a massive entity in the Bengali desert; there are eight halls that are concentrically aligned around the parliamentary grand chamber, like the eight towers of Castel del Monte stand around the central courtyard. The entire complex is fabricated out of poured in place concrete with inlaid white marble, which is not only a modernist statement of power and presence but is more of a testament to the local materials and values. The sheer mass of the monumentally scaled National Assembly and the artificial lake surrounding the building (medieval moat? 😜) act as a natural insulator and cooling system that also begin to create interesting spatial and lighting conditions.⁠
The geometric shapes found on the different faces of the façade add a dramatic impact to the overall composition of the building. These shapes are abstracted forms found in traditional Bangali culture that are meant to create a marriage of old and new cultural identities, as well as, serve as light wells and a natural environmental control system for the interior. For Kahn, the light was an important aspect in the design of a building, not just as a way to illuminate a space, but rather conceptualizing light as a creator of space.⁠

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