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Contaminazioni I - Variazioni sul tema

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"Looking for a modern city that can only have a new order that needs to be redefined from time to time."⁠

"During the design genesis we are influenced by all the examples that come to mind by analogy, but these would not be of any help, indeed they would produce lifeless copies, if we did not start looking for the meaning of what is being built, of its ultimate reason.⁠

⁠This is where analogical thinking applies. Not only between the ideas and compatible forms but also between the forms being defined and those that we find in history, which allow us to express a judgment on the forms of our project.⁠

⁠A double analogy, which on the one hand allows us to verify the validity of our ideas and, on the other hand to compete with the forms of history.⁠

⁠From history the forms are not transported, they remain in the time that generated them, but the ideas and emotions that those forms provoke in us are. ⁠

⁠Only this way, through the recognition of those ideas and the experience of those emotions, we will able to find new forms capable of representing the values ​​of our time ".⁠

(A. Monestiroli) ⁠

⁠From bottom to top: ⁠
G. Terragni. Casa del Fascio, Como. 1932-1936.⁠
I. Gardella. Casa Tognella (Casa al Parco), Milano. 1947-1954.⁠
L. Figini, G. Pollini, G. Ponti, P. Bottoni, V. Latis. Quartiere Harar, Milano. 1950-1955.⁠
A. Monestiroli. Una facciata per Pescara. 1991.⁠
M. Ferrari, E. De Benedetti, M. Iacopini, R. Pagani, A. Ventura. Restauro di Palazzo Tentorio, Canzo. 1999-2002. ⁠
R. Moneo. Murcia Town Hall. 1991-1998. ⁠
B22, S. Tropea. Cascina Merlata social housing, Milan. 2015.⁠⁣


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