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ExpansiOMA II - PanoRAImic View

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Nhow Amsterdam RAI Hotel will be the main hotel for RAI Amsterdam convention and exhibition centre and a new urban presence in Amsterdam’s rapidly developing Zuidas business district. ⁠

"Since the rise of Zuidas, Amsterdam RAI has needed a 'new' urban look," claims OMA partner Reinier de Graaf.⁠
It is to be the largest hotel of the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg), with 650 rooms in total. The building is 91m high and it has 24 floors.⁠

Now, with its further expansion, it will be probably the largest hotel in Europe.⁠
⁠"The building form functions perfectly for a hotel, orienting its rooms to the three main views: to Amsterdam's old city centre to the north, the airport to the southwest and to Amsterdam's modern extensions in the southeast," explained De Graaf.⁠

⁠The long hotel’s facades are made of aluminium and a filling of glass panels. ⁠
⁠The building hosts public and semi-public facilities on its top floors, includes meeting and conference rooms, lounges and a broadcasting studio, which are accessible through a lift from the hotel lobby and provide a spectacular panoramic view of Amsterdam.

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