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Gallatourese City Hall

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The idea of community, with different interpretations, links these projects.⁠

1960. The Convent of La Tourette is Le Corbusier's final building completed in Europe and is also thought by many to be his most unique program. It was built to be a self-contained world for a community of silent monks and to accommodate the unique and specific lifestyle of the monks. The monastery is made of one hundred individual cells, a communal library, a refectory, a rooftop cloister, a church and classrooms.⁠

As part of an international competition to design Boston’s City Hall in 1962, three Columbia University professors, Kallmann, McKinnell & Knowles, diverted from the typical sleek, glass and steel structures that were being requested by popular demand. Rather than basing their design on material aesthetics, their goal was to accentuate the governmental building's connection to the public realm. Completed in 1968, the Brutalist style city hall bridges the public and private sectors of government through a gradient of reveal and exposure that allows the public to become integrated, either physically or visually, into the daily affairs of the governmental process. ⁠

The adoption of Piano Regolatore Generale, a new master plan, set the stage for the development of the 'Gallaratese' district in 1956. When the plan allowed for private development in late 1967, the commission for the project was given to Carlo Aymonino. Two months later Aymonino would invite Aldo Rossi to design a building for the complex and the two Italians set about realizing their respective visions for the ideal microcosmic community.⁠
Their interest lay not in solitary architecture but in urban communities with all the disparate elements required for a functioning society: residences, commerce, industry, and more. Gallaratese was, then, to be their chance to combine these elements and create a new community from scratch.⁠

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