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ICEolation I

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In this difficult moment we must behave responsibly to be able to return to our lives as soon as possible. Avoid contact with people, to protect ourselves and above all, others. So, unless you work alone and your office is in Antarctica, work from home if possible!⁠

In the image, among the ice, the Cube Berlin of the 3XN studio: ⁠

it is a next-generation smart building that sets new standards for the integration of intelligent digital user interfaces. Users are invited to interact with the building through a “bring your own device” approach. This is achieved via an app that drives sustainable behaviour and increases energy efficiency while reducing unnecessary operational costs and maintenance irregularities. In this way, users can interact with their workspaces in unprecedented ways. Smart features allow tenants to customize and control such features as access control, indoor heating and cooling, maintenance, energy supply, room and parking reservations, charging of electric cars/bicycles, and more.⁠

Building operational information is stored in a large “digital brain” server that connects the individual intelligent systems of Cube Berlin. Energy flow and consumption are monitored and maximized, resulting in a building that is both self-learning and highly efficient. In this way, the building and its users enter into an interplay where both are learning from each other. The building learns to adjust to the preferences of its users, while the users can control and adapt the building’s settings according to their desires and needs. The users, at the moment, have to learn to stay at home!

- Limited Edition of 100 (50x50cm version).
- Print sizes 30x30 - 50x50 cm
- Giclée print.
- Certificate of authenticity.
- Ready to frame.
- Delivery within 7 days.

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