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- Limited Edition of 100.
- Print sizes 30x30 - 50x50 -70x70cm
- Giclée print.
- Certificate of authenticity.
- Ready to frame.
- Delivery within 7 days.

"The Interlace" is a large-scale residential development designed by OMA / Ole Scheeren in Singapore, built as a vast network of private and shared spaces, a radical reinterpretation of contemporary community life.⁠

Rather than following the usual residential typology with a high building density - a cluster of isolated towers - the project transforms vertical insulation into horizontal connections and restores the concept of community as a fundamental issue for contemporary society.⁠

The interconnected blocks create a multitude of common outdoor spaces, forming terraced gardens that cross overlapping and staggered volumes. Partly leaning against each other, partly suspended, these volumes intertwine to draw a strongly characterized space that connects private residences to community spaces.⁠

By superimposing the volumes, the project generates a multiplication of horizontal surfaces covered by large hanging gardens and panoramic terraces which overall provide a percentage higher than that of undeveloped land.⁠

Here the blocks that make up the intervention are obsessively replicated, with the aim of giving more strength to the key concepts of community life and attention to the environment in densely populated cities.⁠

The intent is to give a strong signal, not so much regarding "style" and "form", but rather to the "concept", the way of thinking about architecture as a service for the community.

Carte per stampa artistica giclée
Hahnemühle German Etching - Questa carta pesante ha un tono di base leggermente caldo e una forte consistenza screziata. Crea una stampa con colori forti e neri profondi che risultano ricchi e ad alto contrasto. Ciò è dovuto alla trama della carta che le consente di trattenere più inchiostro e catturare la luce. La German Etching è una delle carte per la stampa artistica Giclée più pesanti. Con il suo peso e la sua struttura resistente, questa carta conferisce a un'opera d'arte un aspetto artigianale. Hahnemüle German Etching è una robusta carta Giclée, il che significa che non tende a sfilacciarsi tanto ai bordi.

-Spedizione gratuita
-La stampa viene spedita entro 2 giorni lavorativi, dopodiché ci vogliono circa 5 giorni lavorativi per essere recapitata a destinazione.